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Local search engine optimization (SEO) is when we target audiences in a local geographic area for the products and services that local businesses provide. In days of old,, customers would open up a yellow page to find local businesses. Those days are over!

According to comScore, an Internet research industry leader, 63% of U.S. Internet users are looking for local businesses. Of those local searches, approximately 41% were searching for information on a local service in their home area, such as car rental office, dry cleaner, or lawyer.

Before reading on, ask yourself the following: “At a guess, how many Americans are now using mobile devices to access the Internet?”

The fact is that almost one in three Americans now uses a mobile device to access the Internet. Almost 95% of these users regularly search Google for local products, services and information.

What’s more, well over two-thirds of these users will perform an action, such as phoning or visiting a business, or making a purchase, as a direct result of their local search activities. Set against traditional response rates these figures are frankly staggering, and it becomes obvious that from your perspective, as a local business owner, the mobile Internet user represents an unexpected opportunity to get new online business walking right through your door.

Nowadays, when a user visits Google from a mobile device, such as a smart-phone or tablet, they are presented with a range of local search options specifically designed to provide some of the most commonly searched-for things in their locality. Google Search for Mobile also places greater emphasis on results in the user’s surrounding area, as these are what the majority of smart-phone and tablet users are after when making a search.

Why is Local Marketing crucial to your business?

Strategic Placement: Google is the largest player in local search 20% of all Google searches are local in nature; that jumps to 40% on mobile devices.

On The Road: Mobile usage is growing at 40% per year and climbing. If Google views your Plus Local Page as relevant, well maintained and accurate, your business will quickly gain visibility on millions of mobile devices. Additionally, consumers who are searching on mobile devices are typically in action mode and ready to commit to a transaction imminently.

More New Business: As consumers use the web and mobile devices to search for local businesses, they don’t always search for you by name. By optimizing for relevant and relevant terms your Google Plus Local pages will gain more search visibility.

The days when people were willing to pick up a book to look for a local business are long gone. With high-speed Internet access and smart-phones now being a part of our daily lives, it’s far easier to Google a local business than it is to go looking for books or navigate through a local directory. These days, Google users have actually come to expect local business listings as part of their search results.

As the number of people searching Google has grown, so has the competition for inclusion in the coveted 7-Pack, the seven listings allocated to any top search results page. There’s every chance that your competitors are already listed.

Can you manage your own Google Places Listing?

Make no mistake, optimizing a Google Places listing isn’t as easy as it might first appear. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and totally unforgiving about mistakes or cheating attempts. If you do make a mistake you’ll spend months trying to get your listing back up into the 7-Pack, and in the many hours it takes to learn and do the job properly, you’re not making any money doing what you do best.

Why does your business need Google Places Optimization?

The 7-Pack often beats ordinary websites into 1st place. It’s actually possible to get multiple 1st page listings. This creates more brand-awareness.

Searchers trust Google Places results, so you get more clicks and more customers.

Some of your competitors are already taking advantage of Google Places Listings.

Google Places Listing Optimization is cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising or Search Engine Optimization.

The Importance of Data Accuracy

For many years the phone book was the preferred method of consumers to search for local business information. Today however consumers are overwhelmingly turning to the internet and their mobile devices, to find information about local businesses. This trend has resulted in an erosion of phone book advertising at such an aggressive pace that local advertisers must now reevaluate their local online visibility.

Data accuracy has never been more crucial to local businesses and large organizations with multiple locations than it is today. With the web’s continuous expansion comes a fragmentation of location based data sources. With the various online directories, search engines, blogs, and other sources your business data has multiple points of entry to the web. This lack of control directly impacts the accuracy of your business listings. Although your website data is 100% accurate, there’s a very good chance that there is some inaccurate data out there that you’re not aware of: phone number, street address, zip code, or website information, in fact:

6% of business listings change each month 20% of local searches return the wrong information

Would you like to rank at the top of Google for your keywords and dominate your local market?

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